Giantess Roleplay Community


Chat Commands

//appearance size <VALUE> : To change the size of your character.

//speed <VALUE> : To change your character's speed.

//add <ITEM_ID> <QUANTITY> : To add an item to your inventory.

//add <PLAYER_NAME> <ITEM_ID> <QUANTITY> : To add an item for another player to your inventory

//goto <LOCATION> : To teleport to any place you want, check out Goto Main

//movetoplayer <PLAYER_NAME> : Teleport to a player.

//bk add : Add a bookmark to what part of the place you want to teleport.

//bk list : To view your bookmarked place.

//bk tele : Go to your bookmarked place.

//bk delete : To remove your bookmarked place.

//kinah <VALUE> : To add money.

//dye <Hex Code> : To change the color of your outfit. Please visit Color-Picker

/dice <VALUE> : To roll the dice.

Console Commands

\g_cammax 100 : Change the camera's max distance you can zoom out.

\es_camheight 1 : Change the camera Height.

\es_camheightnear 1 : Change the camera's near height.

\es_piercingcamera 1 : The Camera can go through objects.

\e_obj_min_view_dist 5000 : Increase the level of detail on the map.

\g_freefly 1 : Enable Free Flight Mode. (Fly everywhere)

\g_minfov 120 : Change the camera's field of view.

\g_weapon_scale <VALUE> : To change the size of your weapon and press x to make it in effect.

Ingame Memo Pad

Press Shift M to open up memo pad, and paste the console commands onto the memo pad. It will save your commands on that memo, per character.