Giantess Roleplay Community



1 ) This is a Role-Playing server with a giantess theme to it. It is strictly 18+, should anyone be found to be less than the required age they will be banned. Furthermore by logging in or joining this discord, you agree that you are 18+.
1.1 ) By logging in or joining this discord, you agree that you are 18+.
2 ) Have respect for everyone, this server is intended to be fun.
3 ) This server is only meant to be for Aion, this is not a Discord RP server.
4 ) Respect everyone, this server is intended to be fun.
5 ) Remember that not everyone will be into the same things as you. There are a lot of different kinks in the GTS community. Not everyone likes all of them.
6 ) If someone says “No” to your rp request, it’s a no, don’t push your luck.
7) Don’t be a creep, don’t be an asshole, have fun.
8) Don't use loopholes either. Attempting to do that will be punished.
9) Not knowing a rule will not save you from facing the consequences of breaking it.
9.1) Being new doesn't exempt you from the rules. Like everyone else you need to read and agree to them.

Discord Rules

1 ) Do NOT bother people about RP via Discord DM/PM (Direct / Private Message)!
2 ) Do NOT post any of your AION-Game-Chat in the Discord!
3 ) Do NOT post any NSFW content outside the #nsfw channel. It has a reason we created it!
4 ) Please NO lewd stuff on the Discord! Not everyone wants to hear everything. Fetishes are different!
5 ) Please use the #RP-Channel for any Open-RPs you want to do on Discord!
6 ) Use the #aion-roleplay-search to search for a partner to RP with
7 ) Please listen and respect the members of our Moderation Team!
7.1 ) If you feel that an action has been carried out unjustly, or do not understand a certain decision, please contact us through Direct Messages. We are fans of the game, the same as you. They're real people, and not out to get you.

Ingame Rules

1 ) No Godmodding, it will not be tolerated.
2 ) Do NOT spy on other peoples RPs!
3 ) All characters ingame must be 18 years or older.
4 ) Give people their privacy. If you see 2 or 3 people in an area on their own, do not teleport to them without asking.
4.1) If you do not know how to ask another person, be sure to use /whisper <player> to ask them before attempting to teleport.
4.2 ) Please create a group with the people you're RPing with. It's easier to spot if a private RP is going! Keep in mind people of the opposite factions can't join groups. Rule 4 still applies even if people aren't grouped.
5 ) Akarios Village (Poeta) is an open RP place! //goto Poeta
5.1 ) It is free for everyone to search here new people to RP or have a meet up
5.2 ) The max size for the village is 100! Please do respect it, as space is limited and it is a small village!
5.3) Do NOT sit down at a massive size! People want to see the sky above the city!
5.3.2 ) That said, everything outside the village, has NO Limit!
5.4) NO lewd RPs in the Village! Please use a private RP for that!
6 ) If someone tells you OOCly to stop, then STOP. Period. People should always have a choice in what happens to their characters.
7) That being said, above rule shall not be used to escape situations you brought on yourself. For Example: If you attack a giantess, be ready for her wrath.
8 ) Palace Owners, if you are not active (character wise, or not using the palace) for a year, your palace will be removed.