Giantess Roleplay Community



1 ) This is a Role-Playing server with a giantess theme to it. It is strictly 18+, should anyone be found to be less than the required age they will be banned. Furthermore by logging in or joining this discord, you agree that you are 18+.
2 ) Have respect for everyone, this server is intended to be fun.

Discord Rules

1 ) Do NOT bother people about RP via Discord DM/PM (Direct / Private Message)!
2 ) Do NOT post any of your AION-Game-Chat in the Discord!
3 ) Do NOT post any NSFW content outside the #nsfw channel. It has a reason we created it!
4 ) Please NO lewd stuff on the Discord! Not everyone wants to hear everything. Fetishes are different!
5 ) Please use the #RP-Channel for any Open-RPs you want to do on Discord!
6 ) Use the #aion-roleplay-search to search for a partner to RP with
7 ) Please listen and respect the members of our Moderation Team!
7.1 ) If you feel that an action has been carried out unjustly, or do not understand a certain decision, please contact us through Direct Messages. We are fans of the game, the same as you. They're real people, and not out to get you.

Ingame Rules

1 ) No Godmodding, it will not be tolerated.
2 ) Please create a group with the people you're RPing with. That way it's easier to spot, if an private RP is going on!
2.1 ) Give people their privacy. If you use the search command and see 2 or 3 people in an area on their own, then do not teleport to them without asking.
3 ) Akarios Village (Poeta) is an open RP place! //goto Poeta
3.1 ) It is free for everyone to search here new people to RP or have a meet up
3.2 ) The max size for the village is 100! Please do respect it, as space is limited and it is a small village!
3.2.1 ) Do NOT sit down at a massive size! People want to see the sky above the city!
3.2.2 ) That said, everything outside the village, has NO Limit!
3.3 ) NO lewd RPs in the Village! Check Rule No┬░ 2 for more infos!
4 ) If someone tells you OOCly to stop, then STOP. Period. People should always have a choice in what happens to their characters.
5 ) That being said, above rule shall not be used to escape situations you brought on yourself. For Example: If you attack a giantess, be ready for her wrath.
6 ) Try not to be a white knight. Some people in this server might intentionally be putting their character's in harm's way. Try not to ruin people's RPs.